Heat Pump Warranty

Heat Pump Warranty

When choosing a heat pump for your home, choose a quality brand from a reputable supplier that offers at least a five-year warranty on parts and labour.

Be sure to choose an experience accredited installer as in the event that something goes wrong and it is found that the installation does not meet the manufacturer's guidelines or was not carried out by an experienced installer, the warranty may not be upheld.

How the system is to be used, i.e. high usage applications such as in computer server rooms or commercial situations will also affect the length of the warranty period (a shorter period than residential use).

It is important to note that many manufacturers don't supply warranty cards with the products when purchased, they refer you to their brochures and websites for detailed warranty information. It is therefore a good idea to file your proof of purchase as this may be required in the event of any problems arising.

Other situations where a warranty may not be upheld by a manufacturer may include:

  • Defects or failure caused by blockage of the unit due to foreign material, such as dust, debris or insect/rodent nests.
  • Defects or failure due to environmental damage such as corrosion.
  • Damage or failure caused by generic parts or accessories (not manufacturer specific parts supplied by that manufacturer).
  • Inadequate electrical supply, voltage fluctuations, incorrect external wiring, etc.
  • Systems not being maintained and serviced regularly as per the manufacturer's hand book instructions.
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