Heat Pump Installation

Heat Pump Installation

The installation of your heat pump is a critical step in ensuring the heat pump performs effectively, is located correctly and the warranty is honoured by the manufacturer.

Many people opt for the cheapest install, trying to save on overall costs, but this is a decision that can easily be assisted by understanding that the cheapest option may cause untold problems for them in the future.

Experienced, accredited installers are generally qualified refrigeration technicians and/or registered electricians. They understand how a heat pump system works and what affect location and position of both the indoor and outdoor units will have. They have the specialised equipment required to complete the installation and have more often than not attended manufacturer courses on the correct installation and servicing of these systems.

The time it takes to install various heat pump systems can be as short as 3 hours for a very simple back to back installation (e.g. indoor and outdoor units located on either side of the same wall and virtually back to back) or up to an entire day for larger, more complicated installations. Multi or ducted systems may take a few days, depending on the number of units being connected.

Installation costs can be significant, so any adverts for extremely low installation costs should be investigated fully before signing on the dotted line. Make sure the cost of installation is included in your quote. Simple uncomplicated installations will obviously be cheaper than more involved installations. Some of the factors influencing the cost may be:

  • The size of the heat pump system being installed
  • The length of pipe run connecting the indoor and outdoor units
  • Whether the system can be wired into a local circuit or has to go back to the switchboard
  • The length of capping required to cover pipes to protect them from the elements
  • Outdoor unit needing risers (feet) and pavers if not on a concrete path or slab
  • The path the drain will need to take (concrete drillers required, plumbed into existing plumbing, etc.)

After completion of the installation, you should receive an Electrical Code of Compliance certificate. If he is a qualified electrician, he will do this immediately. If not, he may arrange for the electrician to visit you to provide the sign off. This certificate should be kept in a safe place and confirms that all wiring meets New Zealand's current safety standards.

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