Heat Pump Features

Heat Pump Features

Air Flow Features

  • Control airflow direction horizontally or vertically (based on operating mode selected).
  • Allows manual or remote control adjustment of louvres.
  • Auto open and shut when switched on and off.
  • Computerised airflow adjustment controls heating and cooling by measuring and adjusting according to the room temperature, affording you consistent comfort.

Air Quality & Heath Features

  • Acts as a dehumidifier, reducing humidity levels in the room.
  • Mold-proof materials used in manufacture prevent/limit mold build-up on filters. Some units continue to operate at an extremely low fan speed after they have been switched off which prevents mold and musty smells inside the indoor unit.
  • Plasma filters filter dust, dirt and bacteria from the air.
  • Deodorising filters trap and remove odours, leaving room air fresher.
  • Panels, grilles and filters can be removed for easy cleaning.

Convenience Features

  • Remote controls: the Heat Pump can be switched on/off or settings adjusted from anywhere in the room, provided you point the remote at the unit.
  • 24 hour/weekly timers: the Heat Pump can be pre-programmed for on/off times, temperature and programme settings, sleep mode, etc.
  • Auto-Restart function: in the event of a power failure, the Heat Pump does not need to be reprogrammed, but will automatically restart in the same operating mode once the power has been restored.
  • Sleep mode: adjusts the temperature in several steps (up when cooling, down when heating) so that the system works less hard and more quietly when you're sleeping. You can programme how long you want the sleep mode to operate.

Comfort Features

  • Heat Pumps offer year round heating and cooling.
  • Some Heat Pumps include sensors which detect movement to maintain settings or automatically change to energy-saving mode if no movement is detected after a period of time.
  • A concerted effort has been made by manufacturers to minimise noise levels in both indoor and outdoor units, with some units now offering Quiet functions, great for units in bedrooms or near sleeping babies.

Operational Features

  • Automatic de-icing is vital if you live in a cold area – otherwise, in winter, the pump will stop providing heat because of frost build-up on the outdoor heat-exchanger coils. This is a standard feature on newer inverter models.
  • Anti-corrosion treatments on most outdoor units offer protection from atmospheric conditions and extend the lifetime of the Heat Pump.
  • Restart delay is a protective feature that prevents the heat pump from starting up again too soon after being switched off.
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